The Build

Fast cars are built in massive shops with slick floors, white walls, a team of guys who really know what they’re doing, with big name sponsors and corporate funding…But the fastest cars are built on the rough concrete floors of back-woods shops, where the walls lean in just a bit, the roof leaks in a spot or two, and the insulation against the walls might be fiberglass… or it might be the old boxes of car parts collected over the years. The fastest cars are built by the one guy who knows exactly what he’s doing, and has secrets he’s willing to share… if you’re on his good side and can offer a pack of cigarettes


Nov. 2009. Pickin’ up the Charger body at Six-Pack Speedshop, Belgium. They took care of all and transporting the body from “The Funny Factory” NC-USA, a family company who re-create some wild Nostalgia FC-bodies and who are FC-racers too.
Dec. 2009. Pickin’ up the FC roller from Finland. This used to be Bucky Austin’s FC in the late 90’s.
2010 and up!!! Startin’ on the chassis work. Away with the waaaaaaay to long front overhang! (sorry Bucky) This is needed for the new ol’ body to fit in place.
New positions for the fuel/oil tanks. Fire bottles between the rails now, instead of outside in front. Co2 bottle moving rearward too. Etc. etc.
First step for mounting the body is to determine the correct position! So after countless days of measuring, the pivot frame is here to stay!
Some additional trees in place to support the body’s rear (let the down force beat this!)
The first Donkin’ Funny Car!?!
Front body supporting tree work. All custom made parts are used only.
The Chromoly keeps on comin’.
Left hand side supported too.
Suddenly I see trees growin’ all over the place!
Meanwhile Devastating David Dart is workin’ on the body. It does need some sandin’ and grindin’ here and there!?!
A press to fit HEMI in place for all other body adjustments.
Driver’s view (with the body in front!?!) I just love those ol’ hats!
I need fresh air!!!!!!!!!!!! No worries baby…workin’ on it.
A nice Flopper to be!
Comin’ through!
More cuttin’ in the body!
An escape hatch hole it is.
Nice custom double-wall zoomies in place!
Please………..let me be on top!!!
A lightened aluminum fuel/oil tank bottom in place.
Whhoooaaaaaawwww!!! The zoomies and hat make this baby look like a real HotWheels reincarnation!
More cuttin’ in the body!?!
The custom made aluminum frame for the burst panel ready to install.
Rear view original.
Rear view better lookin’!
Tig weldin’ the Cromoly chassis parts is done by an expert.
New front overhang and plenty of other stuff tig-welded in place.
Inside body view.
Rear tree-work glassed in place.
Glassed- in escape hatch tin.
Front tree-work and burst panel frame glassed in.
Me weldin’ the custom made tree-holder pads.
Ohwww… and we dó need to check/overhaul the rear axle also! It’s sittin’ just a little too close behind me to take any chances with it!
Ain’t she sweet and ready to rumble like this!?!
Lower right side tin in progress.
Upper right side tin in progress.
Firewall made out of wood!?! That’ll start a fire for sure!
Pfffhhhh…I like aluminum better!
The dashboard took a while…to make it nice and round, to follow the shape from the hood!!!
But it was way worth those extra days! What a beautiful view I’ll have now… while cruisin’ down main street!
Do I really need to cut up the windshield too!?! Oh yeah…the more the better!!!
Glassin’ in the custom made side tin mounting brackets. It’s quite a job to make the brackets follow the shape from the body perfectly.
The first windshield in place to determine where to cut it up.
Paint-time! A black primer for the body and the front bumper/grille and headlights in place. It’s startin’ to look like an original clone already!?!
Rear bumper sprayed on.
On da way to the paint shop for it’s final look!
Here she is…waitin’ patiently for things to happen!
Metallic gold all over!
I mean……all over!
The new lines written all over her! That took almost 1 day, to make it perfect!!!
We ain’t fakin’, just flakin’!!!
A “wild’r at” heart is taped down… with ghost flames as it appears!!!
Candy apple red is way beyond pretty! The 3rd spray was my goal!
It was a last minute decision….but ohw man…I love it a lot! A “Wild’r at Heart” with flames!
Let me rest and breath for a couple of weeks please! 15 layers of paint have to cure! I know! About 25pounds too heavy now, but hey…No show-No go!!!
The new trans in da house for this beauty, who is gonna take good care of those wild (2500+) horses!
The rear wing made out of cartboard. After some serious wind-tunnel testin’ this had to be it!?!
Gold leaf lettering is the game… for the new name!
I like the stance!
Give me some track-time please!!! and let me scrape the asphalt to pieces!!!
Nice view from above.
Double chutes for crossing the finish line… to slow me down asap!!!
KENDALL… will be the oil inside!
Ted workin’ on the HEMI at 6-Pack Speedshop, to get it to perform the utterbest!!! I’m very proud that Ted will be the Crew-chief for our “Liquid Titanium” team!
A nice (double?) mid-engined A-108! Could I make a double wheelstand with it now!?!
HEMI and LENCO are a winning team!
First time in together…and they fit well!
Hang in there baby!
A custom made rear wing to be.
Some holes to drill and there you are, at the back!
Wild'r at heart Hockenheim

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