Roltrex Cargo Broker BV is already since 25 years involved in shipping goods overseas by ocean, air, land and inland waters and is still serving customers around the world.

From A to B in this ever demanding world is not enough, so Roltrex Cargo Broker BV has positioned itself as a spider-in-the-web from where we operate to deliver all services related to different kinds of transport methods.

We are in the business to support and help Customers ship their cars and car-parts around the world and we love to be able to seek out the best ways of transport against the best reasonable price for your cargo.

Having started back in 1987 as a leasing company in rolling equipment, like trucks, cars, vans, and other kinds of vehicles, which we can still provide, we have slowly evolved in to a specialist on shipping classic cars, new built cars, special cars, collectors cars and heavy duty vehicles from the United States to Europe. More on that in a different Page

We do cover all countries in Europe and all States in the United States through a vast network of vehicle-trucks and are able to pick up from any where in the United States and deliver to anywhere in Europe. The transit times are set to be the most cost-effective against the best quality, and your vehicles are being carefully transported with GPS traceable trucks.This way we always know where you vehicle is and when we deliver to your doorstep. more on that in a different page.

Fiscal and Normal Customs Clearance Representation is part of our product range and we can also take care of Customs Clearance in France, for old-timer cars against the favorable VAT percentage that France holds. More on that in a different page.

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