28-8-2016 Drachten Finals

This weekend was somesort of a bitter sweet moment when we realised we couldn't not run at our own stip in the Netherlands. Together with the Susy Q team we teamed up for a sponsor event to say thanks for all the help we received in 2016. One thing for sure is that the weather doesn't always play ball at Drachten, but with some more bribes to the weather gods it turned out pretty good with a little bit of rain after the races.

We would like to thank all our sponsor/friends/family for letting us do this. without their support/help this wouldn't be possible and we would be stuck in the garage with the car going no where. Time to get everything ready for 2017 as the new season is already approaching on a steady step.


21-8-2016 Nitrolympx

The weekend of 19 - 21st of August we were able to perform on the Nightshow once again. This is one of our favorite places to perform. Mostely do to the thousands of people that cheer you on which gives you goosebumps from head to toe. This would be our second to last performance of 2016 before the winterseason kicks in once again.

After a succesful burnout against our friends from the Flyin' Fyffer team from Scotland, we went off at the green light but soon powered back down due to a problem somewhere in the powerline. When we got back in the pits we had to realise this problem couldn't be fixed in time for the end and grand finale of our already short season, which resulted in that we unfortunately wouldn't be racing at the Finals on Drachten.


19-7-2016 Dragstalgia Update

Well...we did it...and won the event!!!

And whát an awesome event it was! 
A strong Cannonball field and suddenly I was also matchracin' some American Fuel Altered legends in the likes of Ron Hope and Randy Bradford. Heroes from the past still goin' strong!

Extremely close and bloody wild side by side runs! Awesome!!!!!
I sticked to my personal tuning programme and the goal was to lower the 60ft times, and PB'd them every run till the final at 0.990. Wich made all the runs consistant 6.40's.

The final against UK's prime Fuel Altered Havoc, from Nick Davies was 1 to remember for sure! We had our own staging duel goin' on, and left dead even still. Fantastic race!

I'd like to thank... my team for makin' this happen, the different Back-Up-Girls for guiding me, the crowd for cheering, the Santa Pod crew for the safe track, the organisation for putting this great event together, and all the fans who showed up!


Adam Flamholc and MMR for giving me a fantastic motor to work with,Roltrex Cargo for arranging transport, Kendall Motor Oil /Noviol BV smeermiddelen for the reliable fluids.

Nostalgia is the new future...!


Photocredit: Santa Pod

(Photocredit: Santa Pod)

28-6-2016 Nostalgia Nationals

Our first competition of this season took place on Shakespeare County Raceway, located in the beautifull Warwickshire County (UK). This track where the racing will come to an end in the near future, is the host of many well known events that are well attended. Although it's less massive then Santa Pod, there is a certain type of atmosphere you can describe as "comming home", which gives you the feeling your not that far away. With enough entertainment during the weekend, people always have a great time despite the well know "British Weather".

This typical weather also held the Nostalgia Nationals weekend in it's grasp and resulted in a weekend, that our car didn't leave it's shelter very much. Our only rung was made friday, but due to a tyreshake Ramon had to lift of the throttle making it not the run we hoped for. After that the rain set in so end of day one. Saturday looked like it was all comming together, starting the day was the memorial of Scot Durrant in the morning. He was well known person in the "Wild Bunch" class, and was given a proper "send off" with a lot of attendance by his fellow racers. The races were on, but when it was time for us to receive the green signal, rain had come again and wasted the rest of this day. Sunday was a complete "rain out", but because the "Reno Brothers" (The band of Ramon) rocked Shakespeare on it's foundation, we all left with a smile one our face.


(Photocredit: Pat Salt)

29-4-2016 Calendar Updated

We have updated our calendar of racedates. We hope to see you around and enjoy the sights and sounds. (KLIK HERE)


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