First outing!

We had our first succesful runs of the new season last weekend at the DHRA Event at Drachten, unfortunately the weather didn't play ball on the second day of the event. We had some tireshake in the first run, but the second one proved to be of better quality. we drove a 1/8 mile in 4,5 sec with average speed of 250KM/H. Not bad for a first one we would say. The video of the show will be made this week and hopefully will be available for your eyes in the upcomming week, just before the Dragstalgia weekend what will be our next stop. In the meantime pictures of Drachten will apear at our Facebookpage and here, so keep an eye out for that. 


Yours truly,


The Wild'r At Heart Drag Racing Team



New video

We have added a new video of our engine run of last Tuesday to our video archive. We hope you like our efforts to make this 2015 season a real succes and see you at one of the events we shall attend, our calendar shows when and where.

Enjoy our little video and see you soon.


Yours truly,


The Wild'r At Heart Drag Racing Team



Competion time

Because we want to start the year with a BANG, here is the oportunity to win something you don't see a lot. You can win a COMPLETE piston if you apply to the competition we have launched on our facebook page.

Click on the link below to go directly to the competition




The Heart has returned:

Well the heart is back again, after some minor repairs it is just like a brand spanking new engine. Flamholc/MMR Racing​ (THE nr 1 speedshop in Europe!!!) pulled it of once again and delivered it off last weekend in Sweden where we were able to pick it up. Ramon was able to witness Adam Flamholc drive his car in the 3.7 range with 3.79s cruising at 330kmh(206mph). This meant that he gained a new European AND Track record for doorslammers at the Test'n'Tune on Malmö Raceway​. This guy is absolute magic and Ramon was present to see this happen. The atmosphere is amazing in Sweden as they live/breathe "Americana" (Car wise) then anywhere in Europe. We can only hope to see this happen one day in the Netherlands and be a part of it to MAKE this happen. 

Now it's time to give her some last minute TLC, build her up completely (With the fluids supplied by Noviol BV​), put her back in the car and on the Track on the 20th and 21st of June on the DHRA​ Internationals where we will be present to race and let you all experience a Nostalgia feeling and give a glimps how it was and looked all those years ago.


Yours truly,


The Wild'r At Heart Drag Racing Team

Spring update:


Time for a new update, although it will be a brief one as we still got much to do to get the car in top condition. This weekend we are getting our engine and blower back from MMR Racing​ (The Nr.1 Speedshop in Europe), we hope they will behave just as good as last season and don't get to Wild on the track. Noviol BV provided the necessary lubricants to keep our engine, gearbox and rest of the equipment running like a bat out of hell. Perhaps you have seen our new Promo video which is also out to get you all ready for the new season that's right at our doorstep. So if you want to see us, check our racingdates are known and shown in our Race dates section on this website. 

A small change we made this year is that we decided to create a new facebook page to get a better connection with our sponsors, our fans and our friends. A nother benefit is that it makes it easier for us to spread our updates and perhaps some live information during our races (throughout europe), the old facebook page will stay online as well but won't be updated as much as the new one. Also we like to keep it as our backbone and to let us remember the things we accomplished in the years that passed us by. Feel free to like and share our new page with your friends and you will be receiving the latest updates regarding our races and venues we visit. To find the new page just simply click on the Facebookbutton in our contact section.


Yours Truly,


The Wild'r At Heart Drag Racing Team



While writing this message, we are busy with our winter maintenance schedule to bring the machine in top condition for the 2015 season. Everything is getting a check-over and the engine has found it's way over to MMR (Malmö MotorRenovering) for some general inspection. We are very happy with their expertise as we didn't experienced any major problems with our engine this past season. On the other hand we proved to be able to run faster every time, this gives us more confidence with the machine and we noticed that the teething problems are becoming less and less. In the meantime we already confirmed a big part of our racing calendar en will be racing twice in our own country. Also there will be some new faces around the car the upcomming season. They will later have a chance to give a small introduction, also the final calendar will be published soon. 


2014 was a very good season and we are very happy with the races we have driven, with our race at Curacao as icing on the cake. It's unbelievable to race here as one of the Dutch teams that were present, we have enjoyed the atmosphere and positive response from the visitors. It's already a strange idea if you think about that almost the entire island tuns out to see you race and it gives you an extra boost for the entire team if everything turns out as it's planned. We are happy with the many people we met and we hope to return to this wonderful event. All this wasn't possible if we didn't have such a wonderful group of sponsors, who have their (Wild'r) heart on the right place. And we would like to give them a big THANK YOU. We hope that we can rely on you all again in 2015 and we hope it will be just as good and can add many more Highs on our growing list.


Yours truly,


The Wild'r At Heart Drag Racing Team

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