For its first three decades drag racing was free of strict rules, corporate influence, formal protocol and most behavioral restraints. Overall, drag racers were not politically correct - in fact, just the opposite. NHRA was made up of hard core racers, not wimpy accountants. There were no "cookie cutter" cars or hospitality rigs but open trailers and spare parts in milk cartons. From the early 1950's through the 1970's dragsters were, for the most part, financed out of pocket and innovation was foremost... many paid the ultimate price for that innovation. Very few racers broke even - let alone made a living... for what other reason would we do it? We loved it!

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The Team

Team members      
Rockin' Ramon Team owner / driver
Frans Krastel Crew chief
Peter Boeschoten Miscellaneous
Henk van der Weurf Kitchen Chief
Kirsten van Croonenborg Back-up girl
Gerjo en Marvin Menke Truck drivers
Dennis Vos
Pictures/Movies and Media

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